Thank you for your interest in knowing more about author visits! I love sharing my books with children, listening to their interesting questions and comments gives me a lot of joy.

Please check out the details below and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Virtual Visits

In this presentation I focus on sharing a little bit about myself and the book, followed by a read aloud and a brief session of Q&A.

Duration: 20 minutes
Story time Read Aloud (K-2nd grade)

In this presentation I talk to students about the story behind my book, my experience being a writer and I provide some helpful tips to help them with their own writing. There’s time to read the book aloud while the children follow along on the screen. At the end of the session, we discuss the take aways from the story and there’s time for some Q&A.

Duration: 25-30 minutes
My Author’s Journey (3-8th grade)

In this presentation, besides talking about my experience as a writer, the writing tips, and the story behind the story, I share more detailed information regarding my writing journey from idea to published book.

I include my experience of working with my editors and illustrator, and briefly cover what comes next for an author once the book is out in the world. By the end, we discuss the take aways of the story and there’s time for some Q&A.

Duration: 40 minutes
My Author’s Journey + Story time (3-8th grade)

This presentation covers the above, but also includes a reading aloud of the book.

Duration: 50 minutes
My Author’s Journey + Story time (9th grade to college)

This presentation covers my author’s journey and a story time, but I also cover in more depth the process of selling and publishing a book, from the idea to how it’s queried to an agent/editor until a book deal is announced. I also cover what comes next for an author in terms of editing, working with an illustrator and the marketing team of the publisher until the book is released and beyond. By the end, there’s time for Q&A.

Duration: 80 minutes

Languages available

I can do the presentations in English, Spanish, or both.

Travel expenses

Please consider that travel expenses for in person visits will be added to your event’s fee when the destination requires me to drive 15 miles or more from my home in Anderson, SC. Thank you!


The fee will be determined by the type/number of presentations and the location. In order to get a quote please email: Thank you!

Other events

If you are interested in a different type of event like book signings, literacy nights or library events, please contact me for more information.


If you any questions or comments, please contact me:


  • Thank you for reading your book Santiago's Dinosaurios to our Kindergarteners during World Read Aloud Day. They truly enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to your next one."

    - Marisette Burgess

    Media Specialist

    JD Parker School of Science
  • "Thank you, Mariana! There were some other teachers in the library while we met and they agreed that having the virtual visit in Spanish was so impactful for students!

    -Rebecca Poteet


    Johnston Elementary
  • "Thank YOU so much for your time, attention, and great presentation for World Read Aloud Day. The students loved it! I will definitely share your resources with teachers and I will be ordering your books for the next school year for sure.

    -Bernadette Valenzuela


    Western Hills Elementary
  • "Varennes Elementary loved having Mariana Ríos Ramírez visit our school! She engaged students by reading her wonderful book "Santiago's Dinosaurios". Her thoughtfully prepared presentation was exciting for students. They loved interacting with Mrs. Ríos Ramírez by asking questions at the end. We love "Santiago's Dinosaurios"!"

    - Victoria Meyer
    Reading Coach

    Varennes Elementary School
  • "Centerville Elementary School really enjoyed Mrs. Ríos Ramírez's school visit. One student bought the book because it was about dinosaurs. He loves everything about dinosaurs. Many of Anderson Five's Multi-Language Learners bought Mrs. Ríos Ramírez's book to use in their classrooms. We are so appreciative of Mrs. Ríos Ramírez coming to our school and sharing her book."

    - Jenny Jones
    Media Specialist

    Centerville Elementary School
  • "We had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Ríos Ramírez at Midway Elementary School. Her presentation was engaging and entertaining. She also took the time to speak with some of my older students who were struggling in their new school. She provided wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement. When her new book is released, we hope to have her back for another visit."

    - Tracey Lidlow
    MLP Specialist

    Midway Elementary
  • "The experience of Mariana coming to share her book with my multilingual students at a local coffee shop is one I will not soon forget. Observing the connection students had with the main character Santiago was empowering. Additionally, Mariana was a pleasure to work with and assisted in cultivating a love of literacy among students."

    - Lindsay Smith
    Multilingual Specialist

    Cedar Grove Elementary
  • "Concord Elementary enjoyed the Mariana Ríos Ramírez's visit. Thank you so much for your words of inspiration and encouragement to our young authors. The children were entertained and engaged through the entire presentation. Sharing your writing process and the struggles you encountered along the way was amazing!"

    - Mrs. Patsy McGregor
    Reading Coach

    Concord Elementary
  • "Mrs. Ríos Ramírez did an excellent job modeling the publishing process. Students were able to see that life experiences that can lead to creative writing. Her use of various dinosaurs to represent the character's anxiety made it relatable to children of all ages. Santiago's Dinosaurios helps students understand that although our world is diverse, we have commonalities."

    - Mrs. Clary
    4th Grade Teacher

    Concord Elementary
  • "Mariana was so gracious when she came to do a read-aloud and book signing for our local literacy event. She came well-prepared and interacted beautifully with all the families who attended the event, especially with one of our local young students who was new to the US, and spoke very little English. She was generous with her time and attention for all the attendees. Having Mariana here live was a real treat for all of us!"

    - Tonnye Fletcher
    Dino Day

    Whiteville, NC